LYNX Blue Line Extension has Energized Overhead Catenary System

Hillary DeLong


Charlotte, N.C. – Construction crews working on the LYNX Blue Line Extension, the 9.3 mile extension to Charlotte's current light rail system, have energized the overhead catenary system (OCS) throughout the entire alignment up to UNC Charlotte.  The OCS provides electricity that powers light rail vehicles through a pantograph at the top of the vehicle.  The system carries 750 volts, direct current. 


Citizens are advised to avoid areas where the OCS is located as serious injury or death could occur. Please contact the Rail Operations Control Center (704) 432-5040 immediately if potential work near OCS wires must occur. The only individuals permitted to interact with OCS are highly trained CATS employees and CATS contractors who are prepared to safely work on the system.


The Blue Line Extension is scheduled to begin passenger service by March 2018.  As CATS prepare to bring light rail service to north Charlotte the public is asked to remain alert and cautious when driving, walking or biking along the alignment.​

About the Blue Line Extension

The LYNX Blue Line Extension is a 9.3 mile alignment that extends north beyond the 7th Street Station in Uptown to UNC Charlotte's main campus in University City. The alignment adds 11 stations to the existing 15 stations on the LYNX Blue Line that has been in operation since 2007. Construction on the extension began in late 2013 and service is scheduled to begin by March 2018. For more information please visit or email ​​