Envision My Ride Initiative Launched

Juliann Sheldon

Today, CATS announces the launch of Envision My Ride, a new initiative to redesign the current bus system. Through this initiative, CATS aim to provide greater access, increase service frequency and reduce travel times throughout the ever-growing Charlotte-Mecklenburg region.


Through 2017, CATS staff will conduct extensive public outreach to best understand the current wants and needs of current transit riders, non-riders and activity centers. Today through January 17, citizens can provide input on their current transit values through an online survey located at ridetransit.org/envisionmyride.


“As Charlotte continues to grow and develop, an effective bus system is essential in providing access to the many opportunities that are available,” said CATS CEO John Lewis. “Through the Envision My Ride initiative, CATS will develop a proposal to improve the bus system by altering current routing and travel time”.


In addition to public involvement, CATS will utilize REMIX planning software to assist in the technical redesign of the current 72 local, express and regional bus routes. This software, which is designed specifically for transit-planning, is successfully used by over 150 transit agencies in nine countries.


After the completion of the initiative, CATS will present two proposals to the Metropolitan Transit Commission (MTC). One will include route adjustment recommendations within our current financial means, and the second will include service scenarios that address public desires for more routes, increased frequency and direct trips.


Learn more about Envision My Ride by visiting ridetransit.org/envisionmyride or by calling customer service at 704-366-7433(RIDE).