North End Smart District

Britt Clampitt


Charlotte’s North End Smart District (NESD) is blazing a new path for development in the Queen City. An up-and-coming center for economic activity and job growth that is made up of eight neighborhoods north of Uptown, the NESD will provide a great quality of life for Charlotte residents, made possible through partnerships between business owners, neighborhood residents, community organizations, government leaders and developers/investors. 

The idea for a Smart District stems from the City of Charlotte’s pledge to be a Smart City, i.e. a community that uses data and technology to make decisions that impact mobility, safety, energy, public services, education and environmental health.
Staff from the City of Charlotte Sustainability Office, City Manager's Office, Solid Waste Services, Housing & Neighborhood Services and Urban Design are coordinating this new initiative to develop a collaborative environment where residents are co-creating projects that achieve shared goals and bring new partners to the table. This effort focuses on the social capital component of sustainability through a strategy of people- and action-oriented, kick-start projects. The projects include:​

  • A pilot farmer’s market at Camp North End on the first Saturdays through October, a need identified by the community through the NESD’s Build Your Own Kick Start Project.
  • TechCharlotte: A Housing & Neighborhood Services initiative that not only creates a new, free community technology access space, but also partners with Red Ventures Road to Hire and others to provide training and access to jobs.
  • ​Healthy Communities by Solid Waste Services, which is targeting the area for its program to reduce waste.
  • Smart Homes: Residents, the city, the Renewable Energy Transition Initiative (RETI) and Duke Energy are exploring how to reduce energy burden through weatherization, education and technology.
​​The people who make up the North End community are central to this initiative. With this in mind, the North End Smart District team has redesigned the NESD website,, in order to boost engagement between the city and residents and best employ data in future decision-making. 

“​The smartest thing about the smart district is the people,” said Rachel Stark, a principle planner for the NESD.

Whether you are a neighborhood resident, a business owner, a community organization or a developer, we want to hear from you. Check out the new North End Smart District website and partner with Team Charlotte in this important effort.​