New Charlotte City Council takes office and selects mayor pro tem

Jeremy Mills


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New Charlotte City Council takes office and selects mayor pro tem

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Dec. 4, 2017) – New members of the Charlotte City Council were sworn into office Monday night. The council includes the first African American woman serving as mayor and six members under the age of 40.

Council members selected Julie Eiselt as Mayor Pro Tem. Eiselt was the top at-large vote-getter in last month's general election.

The new city council is as follows.

Mayor – Vi Lyles

Mayor pro tem – Julie Eiselt

At-large – Braxton Winston, James Mitchell, Jr., Dimple Ajmera

District 1 – Larken Egleston

District 2 – Justin Harlow

District 3 – LaWana Mayfield

District 4 – Gregg Phipps

District 5 – Matt Newton

District 6 – Tariq Bokhari

District 7 – Ed Driggs

Social media updates

All tweets from the
@CLTMayor twitter account prior to Mayor Vi Lyles' swearing-in have been deleted, as ownership of the account has fully transitioned to Mayor Lyles. The @CLTmayor Twitter account is unique as it is the only city-owned account dedicated to an individual. Because of this distinction, we afford the newly-elected mayor a fresh start to engage constituents. Moving forward, the account will be managed by city staff. Direct tweets from Mayor Lyles are signed "- Vi."

Tweets from the
@CLTMayor account during Mayor Jennifer Roberts' time in office from Dec. 7, 2015 – Dec. 7, 2017, can be found in the CLTMayor archive.

Mayor-elect Lyles will continue to use her personal social media account which can be found under our mayor and council
twitter list.

Today the city also launched a twitter account representing all of city council. This account is staff-managed – providing residents and stakeholders with real-time updates on council meetings, committee info and other relevant city council business. Follow the Charlotte City Council twitter account here –

Around the Crown with Mayor Lyles

Mayor Lyles sits down with Around the Crown in one of her first interviews as mayor of Charlotte. Hear her outlook on working with a new city council and learn what she hopes to accomplish in her first 100 days.

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