Neighborhood Traffic Circles Pilot Project

CDOT's media line

Charlotte, N.C. —City forces installed two temporary neighborhood traffic circles or "mini-roundabouts" at the following intersections: Belrose Lane at Castlewood Road, and Jameston Drive at Irby Drive. Over a period of several weeks, these two neighborhood traffic circles will be evaluated for their effectiveness as a traffic calming and placemaking treatment. Neighborhood traffic circles can have a traffic calming effect on local streets, reduce collisions at intersections and make neighborhood streets safer for all users.

The roundabouts were painted as part of a creative placemaking effort to learn about the benefits of traffic calming. During last Sunday's Open Streets 704 event, neighbors and event participants helped a local artist paint the interior of the traffic circles. The neighborhood traffic circles are temporarily marked with yellow paint and defined with tubular plastic delineator posts and reflectors. During the pilot phase of this project, City staff will collect feedback from stakeholders, particularly residents living in the surrounding area, to help gauge public opinion on this form of traffic calming. For more information about placemaking in Charlotte, visit

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