Mayor announces creation of after school partnership

Gregg Watkins
Gregg Watkins

Mayor Jennifer Roberts announced today a partnership with MeckEd, called Charlotte Next, that will lay the foundation for better after school programs for at-risk teens.

"I am proud to announce the creation of Charlotte Next and I am committed to continuing to work with our community to ensure its growth and success in the coming years," said Mayor Roberts.

Of the top 20 cities in the US, only Charlotte does not have an organization dedicated to improving access to OST programs and to improving the quality of those programs. Creating this organization was has been the mayor's primary focus during her first year in office.

Starting with the Mayor's Summit on Out of School Time in March, Mayor Roberts has been working with members of the community, representatives from other cities, and OST experts in creating a plan for improving middle school OST in Charlotte. This input was instrumental in setting the scope and objectives of Charlotte Next.

Charlotte Next will focus on three key areas: 

  • Create a clearinghouse to help parents find the right program for their middle school child
  • Offer advocacy and professional development for OST providers
  • Supply micro-grants to program providers