JumpStart Community Safety Micro-Grant Program Sunsets

Federico Rios
Federico Rios

The City of Charlotte is announcing the sunsetting of the JumpStart Community Safety Micro-Grant program. This program was instrumental in providing funds to grassroots community groups and small non-profits that have been doing work to improve safety in the community. This program provided over $500,000 of funding to these organizations since 2018, touching more than 37,000 people with programs and services.

The decision to sunset the JumpStart Community Safety Micro-Grant program is informed by community input.  One of the greatest needs that funded groups expressed was the need for larger grants and more capacity building. To that end, the City of Charlotte created the Safe Charlotte Community grant, which administers $1 million in grants to community serving non-profits. The program, administered by the United Way, is the next iteration of the JumpStart program and will continue to provide needed funds and support to our community-based organizations who are most proximate to the solutions needed in our corridors of opportunity.

All current and past JumpStart non-profit grantees are also eligible to enroll in Share Charlotte's Share Shine program. This program allows participants to receive a year of support, which includes networking opportunities, heightened visibility with donors, and workshops catered toward capacity building.

We are grateful for the 200+ organizations who utilized JumpStart and for the difference they are making in their community, the passion they have for building a better and more inclusive Charlotte, and for being a partner with us as we address the necessary challenges of promoting safety in our community.

For more information, please contact Federico Rios at Federico.Rios@charlottenc.gov.

JumpStart Project meeting in gymnasium.