Help Mecklenburg County & The City of Charlotte Ensure #EverybodyCountsCLT

Volunteers, Donation Items Needed for the 2018 Point-in-Time Count
Katie Hedrick

The holiday season is often a fast-paced, frenzy of gatherings and jam-packed agendas as we race to the end of the year. It can also be a time of peaceful reflection in which we look to the upcoming year with new hopes, dreams and resolution plans to do something differently, to do something that counts.


You can do something that counts by helping our community ensure that everybody counts in 2018. The 2018 Point-In-Time Count will take place on January 31, 2018. This is when our community comes together to survey and count each person experiencing homelessness on one night. Last year, in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, there were 1,476 people counted, including 148 families, 66 youth and 215 people sleeping outside.


Counting is critical to understand the scope of the problem. The Point-In-Time Count provides the only way we collect information about unsheltered homelessness in the community which has risen steadily since 2014. When combined with all information on system performance, the Point-In-Time Count provides Charlotte-Mecklenburg a way to look at progress in the work to end and prevent homelessness.


We have two exciting changes to share for 2018:


  • Everybody Counts Every person – unsheltered, in shelters and in transitional housing – will be surveyed so that we can get a richer, fuller picture to inform solutions. This means that we will start the work before the night of January 31.
  • Technology Counts We are using an electronic app to capture information, streamlining the process for everyone and improving data accuracy for better results.

You can be a part of helping people count by raising awareness, donating items and giving your time. Follow the links below to get connected today.


  • Raise Awareness Share information with your networks about housing and homelessness using the #EverybodyCountsCLT hashtag and content calendar. It provides data and links to events throughout January. It is available at
  • Donate Items Donate items that will go to people sleeping outside in our community until homes are found. Access the Wishlist here or go to Share with friends and family.
  • Give Time Sign up to complete surveys with people experiencing homelessness. Information about volunteer shifts can be found here or at


Mecklenburg County Community Support Services and the City of Charlotte's Housing & Neighborhood Services Department manage the work of the 2018 Point-In-Time Count. For more information about the Point-in-Time Count, visit or email Courtney Morton at