City asks residents to participate in The Great Cankerworm Count

Tabitha Carnes Warren, Senior Public Information Specialist
Tabitha Carnes Warren

(Charlotte, N.C.) –Charlotte residents got a welcome reprieve last spring from the annual onslaught of cankerworms that hang off trees and cling to clothing, hair and everything else in their path. "It's a real mystery," said Erin Oliverio, tree canopy program manager with the City of Charlotte. "The cankerworm population practically vanished. We don't know why, but that doesn't mean they won't come back next spring."


City arborists would like your help unraveling the mystery. You can be a Citizen Scientist this winter during the Great Cankerworm Count, tracking how many moths you find on the trees you band. Your information, along with data other Citizen Scientists provide, will be sent to Clemson University for analysis. With your help, we can better understand the cankerworm infestation and possibly predict the next infestation.


Residents can participate in four easy steps:

  1. Measure your tree
  2. Band your tree
  3. Choose a form (online on paper)
  4. Start tracking

​Assistant City Arborist Laurie Reid explains how to measure and track cankerworms in the video below.

Cankerworm video

​Visit​/Cankerworm for detailed instructions on how to participate in the Great Cankerworm Count and helpful resources on how to band your trees.