Public Comment on FY2020 Justice Assistance Grant Program

Each year, the City of Charlotte receives funds from the Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) administered by the U.S. Department of Justice. Federal FY2020 JAG funding for the City of Charlotte, determined by the Bureau of Justice Assistance, will be $544,607. There is a requirement that grant funding only be used for law enforcement purposes.

The CMPD will apply for funding through the FY2020 JAG Program on August 19, 2020. Citizens have the opportunity to comment regarding the proposed FY 2020 JAG budget. Comments may be submitted to Captain Todd Lontz, Director, Research & Planning Division either by email at or by letter addressed to
    Captain Todd Lontz
    Research & Planning Division - Director
    Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
    Central Division Office
    700 West 5th Street
    Charlotte, NC 28202

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s (CMPD) budget for $544,607 in JAG funding consists of three components including:
    Police Cadet Program - $342,588
      The Cadet Program will provide 15 qualified students, actively enrolled in a local college, an opportunity to work in a professional, law enforcement environment, while learning about and training for future employment as a Police Officer with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department. The program's intent is to enhance the participating student's knowledge of the CMPD and all operating aspects so that when the participant turns 21, he or she may enter into a career as a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer. As Police Cadets work in different areas of the department, they will develop the necessary skills to make them the type of officer the CMPD needs to be successful in its mission to prevent the next crime. Police Cadets are assigned to various units within the CMPD, based on unit need. Students entering the program as freshmen may be assigned to tasks that may not require as much in-depth knowledge of the department's function as a more experienced student in the program.

    Crime Laboratory Overtime - $19,986
      Funds will be used for the analysis of forensic evidence in criminal cases designated as “priority” by the CMPD and to reduce periodic backlogs in evidence analysis. The funds will be used by the Crime Laboratory Division including DNA, Fingerprints, and Firearms. These include cases where police need to identify a suspect, establish links between cases or rapidly clear a high profile case or series of cases which are creating fear in the community. The funds will also be used to reduce periodic backlogs in evidence analysis. The use of the overtime funding will be determined based upon the CMPD’s needs during the grant period.

    Patrol Overtime - $182,033
      Patrol overtime funds are crucial to the success of the City of Charlotte’s crime reduction strategy. These funds will provide overtime for enforcement and problem solving initiatives allowing patrol officers to address crime problems at the neighborhood level, including responding to emerging crime trends, identifying and targeting suspects, chronic crime trends, and working with partners to address the enablers of crime. The funds will also be used to address drug and/or gang issues at the neighborhood level.