Reimagining the Possible: Storm Water Services Celebrates Engineers Week

Leo Caplanides
Discover Engineers Week February 20-26, 2022. Reimagining the Possible.  Let's Celebrate.  #WhatEngineersDo

At Storm Water Services, engineers handle many complex tasks while working on projects. Here are just a few: 

  • Conduct field visits 
  • Meet with property owners 
  • Coordinate with surveyors, utility companies and property owners during projects
  • Collaborate with other employees to implement improvements 

We asked some of our Storm Water Services engineers about their experiences and what advice they would give aspiring engineers.  

Laurin Hallner, a licensed professional engineer with City of Charlotte Storm Water Services and David Woodie, a project manager with Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services, shared the following:

Laurin:  Always ask questions and embrace challenges. Find a mentor and be confident in your own strengths.

David: It’s never too late to get started. I returned to college to study engineering when I was 30 years old. Also, don’t concentrate on science & technology to the exclusion of social sciences and languages. You need to understand how and why our society functions in addition to knowing statics and dynamics.