Engineering a Bright Future for Charlotte

Leo Caplanides
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Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services is working hard every day to improve public storm drainage infrastructure, reduce the risk of flooding and enhance surface water quality across our area. While there is a lot that goes into our storm drainage improvement and stream restoration projects, one of the most important steps is the work handled by engineers. Their dedication and attention to detail ensures that projects are designed effectively to improve drainage and enhance streams for the benefit of all residents.

To show appreciation, Storm Water Services is joining government agencies, engineering firms, educational institutions and other organizations from across the country to recognize Engineers Week from Feb. 21-27. Established by the National Society of Public Engineers in 1951, the week aims to raise awareness of engineers’ contributions to quality of life and the importance of having a diverse and well-educated engineering workforce.

At Storm Water Services, engineers handle many complex tasks while working on projects. Here are just a few:

  • Conduct field visits 
  • Coordinate with surveyors, utility companies and property owners during projects
  • Meet with property owners 
  • Collaborate with other employees to implement improvements 
  • Consult with staff during all project phases 

We asked some of our Storm Water Services engineers what they enjoy most about their work. 

Jermaine Jackson, a licensed professional engineer with City of Charlotte Storm Water Services, enjoys working with a multitude of stakeholders on a variety of unique projects to improve our community. He also enjoys networking with members of the American Society of Civil Engineers to learn new skills.

David Woodie, a licensed professional engineer with Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services, enjoyed working on both the Stevens Creek and McDowell Creek stream restoration projects. These projects are just two examples of how Storm Water Services is working to improve the overall health of our streams to provide habitat for aquatic life.

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