Eastland Amateur Sports Proposal

Eastland Amateur Sports Proposal
  • An abstract or executive summary of the proposal (approximately 250 words).
  • Detailed description of the proposed concept and development program.
  • Qualifications and experience of project team with similar projects.
  • Financial strategy, including detailed request for any public investment.
    • capital stack detailing private funding/financing plan
  • Estimated tourism impact of the proposed redevelopment, if applicable. Estimated impact should include the following information:
    • number of event days
    • type of events
    • target market(s) for visitors (e.g. local, state, national, etc.)
    • room-night generation
    • economic and fiscal impact
  • Development schedule.
  • Plan for allowing usage of the facility by the general public and must include any applicable fees that may be charged to use the facility as well as if/when the facilities are available for use by the public.