Drinking Water Quality Report Released

Charlotte Water continues to provide excellent drinking water
Cam Coley

Charlotte, NC, June 6, 2016 — For another year, Charlotte Water’s drinking water report is good news. The report summarizes monitoring results from tests taken throughout 2015. Laboratory samples are analyzed to detect the smallest amounts of more than 150 possible contaminants. The report is one of the Safe Drinking Water Act requirements every public water supplier must do to maintain compliance with the law. 


Charlotte Water Director, Barry Gullet explained, “Recent events across the country in municipalities like Flint, MI have raised the importance of drinking water quality awareness. This year, I wanted to ensure that every customer would have the report, could read it in its entirety, and feel confident about the quality of drinking water provided.” Reports will be mailed to every residential customer starting this week.


Customers can also visit charlottewater.org to view recent water quality monitoring results anytime. This is part of efforts by Charlotte Water to reassure customers that the water they use every day is safe, clean and reliable.


Customers may recall information released by Charlotte Water in August 2015 regarding an observed increase in disinfection by-product levels in parts of the drinking water system likely due to an increase in source water bromide. It was through Charlotte Water’s rigorous monitoring program that the trend could be detected early and actions taken to manage the higher levels before water quality violated standards.


Mecklenburg County Medical Director, Dr. Stephen Keener reviews the report each year and this year said, “Clean, reliable drinking water is vital to our community. So much of our daily lives depend on this service.” Dr. Keener and staff from his Department have been instrumental over the years in supporting the addition of fluoride to drinking water, “Fluoride is an element that occurs naturally in water. Charlotte Water adjusts it to optimum level to prevent dental decay in both children and adults.” 


Interested customers can read the full Consumer Confidence Report as well as view previous year water quality reports at the Charlotte Water website.