City removes Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Kate Luck

City removes Non-Discrimination Ordinance, Cable TV Ordinance, and
Business Privilege License Tax from City Code

The City of Charlotte continues its commitment to be a welcoming community that honors and respects all people. 

The Charlotte City Council recognizes the ongoing negative economic impact resulting from the passage of the City’s Non-Discrimination Ordinance and the State’s House Bill 2.  The Council acknowledges that North Carolina House Bill 2 “supersede(s) and preempt(s)” the City’s Ordinance.  In order to continue thriving as an inclusive community and compete for high paying jobs and world-class events, the City and State must take action together to restore our collective reputation. 

During this morning’s Legislative Briefing with the State Delegation representing Mecklenburg County, the Charlotte City Council voted to remove the Non-Discrimination Ordinance from the City Code.  The City urges the State to follow immediately with a repeal of House Bill 2. 

The City of Charlotte is deeply dedicated to protecting the rights of all people from discrimination and, with House Bill 2 repealed, will be able to pursue that priority for our community.  There are many issues that require a positive and collaborative relationship between the City and State.  The City pledges commitment to that partnership.     

In addition to removal of the Non-Discrimination Ordinance, the City Council also removed from the City Code the Cable TV Ordinance (invalidated by the State in 2006) and the Business Privilege License Tax (invalidated by the State in 2014).

City Council Resolution, Non-Discrimination Ordinance, December 19, 2016