City of Charlotte rolls out accessible public records request tracker

Britt Clampitt

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (March 11, 2019) – The City of Charlotte announced on Monday, Sunshine Day 2019, the rollout of a public records request tracker on the city's Open Data Portal

This new feature, built for citywide use by the Office of Data and Analytics, informs the requestor and members of the public of the status of public records requests submitted to the city under state law and the Freedom of Information Act. 

The city's public records manager, Cheyenne Flotree, made the announcement during a Sunshine Day panel discussion hosted by the North Carolina Open Government Coalition and the Elon University School of Communications. 

"I am pleased to launch this public records request tracker as part of our ongoing efforts to provide the public with timely and accessible public information," Flotree said. "This tracker is an industry best practice and we are excited to be a leading proponent of open records in the state and in the country."

The number of requests received by the city has been climbing steadily in recent years, more than tripling from 2015 through the end of 2018. This trend and the rapid change of technology make this the right time for the new tracker. 

"The city is committed to providing timely information to the public and this is a major step forward," Flotree said. "We will continue to improve the tracker to make it a comprehensive and valuable resource for reporters, researchers and the general public." 

How to use the tracker

  • Go to
  • On the home page of the Open Data Portal, scroll to the section, "What is a Public Record?"
  • Click on "Click here to investigate the records that have been requested."
  • The overview is an introduction to the tracker and its purpose.
  • View the full tracker and download records by clicking the "Data" tab.

Please note, the tracker is a living resource and city staff continues to populate and update fields. 

Questions about the tracker can be directed to Britt Clampitt with Charlotte Communications & Marketing, or 704-336-4935. 


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