City announces Extraordinary Event, service impacts for CIAA Tournament

Charlotte, NC

Contact: Kate Luck
Corporate Communications & Marketing


City announces Extraordinary Event, service impacts for CIAA Tournament

​CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Feb. 23, 2016) – City Manager Ron Carlee declared the College Intercollegiate Athletic Association (CIAA) Tournament held from Tuesday, Feb. 23  to Saturday, Feb. 27, an Extraordinary Event. The tournament will be held at Time Warner Cable Arena and other official CIAA events will be held the Charlotte Convention Center.

A signed copy of the declaration for can be found here: CIAA Tournament Extraordinary Event.

Heavy motor and pedestrian traffic is expected in Uptown during the tournament. The community can expect potential changes to the following city services:

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS):

CATS will run additional service on the LYNX Blue Line. A train will run every ten minutes during the following times:

  • Friday, Feb. 26 - 3:30 p.m. - 11:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, Feb. 27 - 10:30 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. 

Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT): 

  • There are no planned street closures, but in the event of high pedestrian traffic, occasional closures of Fifth Street near the arena may occur after a game has ended.
  • During times of high pedestrian traffic, motorists may be prohibited from making turns onto side streets from College Street and Tryon Street between Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Sixth Street.
  • On Friday and Saturday, motorists may be prohibited from making turns onto side streets turns from College Street and Tryon Street between Stonewall Street and Ninth Street.
  • Motorists are encouraged to find alternate routes to avoid potential detours.
  • On-street parking will be limited on portions of Trade Street, Church Street, Tryon Street, College Street, Fifth Street and Sixth Street.
  • Pedestrians will be crossing streets and walking to the arena from parking lots, garages and the convention center. Motorists and pedestrians are cautioned to be alert at all times. CMPD officers will be on duty at every main pedestrian intersection in this area Thursday through Saturday.
  • Pedestrians walking near work zone areas should be alert, cautious and allow extra traveling time. It is best to cross at signalized intersections, use pedestrian walk signals where available and abide by detour signage.
  • Motorists traveling through work zone areas should be alert and extra cautious. Drivers should move to the correct lane well in advance and anticipate vehicles merging into adjacent travel lanes as they approach a work zone. Drivers should double their following distance.

​Solid Waste Services (SWS): 

  • SWS will have extra crews in and around CIAA events to provide extra collections throughout the tournament. 

An Extraordinary Event is defined as a large-scale event or an event of national or international significance which might attract a significant number of people to a certain geographic area of the city. The City Manager, in collaboration with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, has determined this event meets the criteria as defined in Charlotte City Code Sec. 15-310. 

The Extraordinary Event designation allows the city to modify its permitting process for activities such as parades and specifies particular items that are prohibited from being brought into certain boundaries of the event.