City Releases Community Message on Immigration Law Concerns

Jordan-Ashley Walker

​Recent actions by the federal government and the North Carolina General Assembly have given rise to questions as to whether Charlotte is a 'Sanctuary City.'

First, it is critical to understand that CMPD does not enforce federal immigration laws nor do they profile possible immigrants.

Second, Immigration and Customs Enforcement also known as ICE has authority and jurisdiction over the entire country and a city cannot limit or restrict ICE's authority.

Regarding Sanctuary Cities, although there is no agreed upon legal definition of what a Sanctuary City is, Charlotte is not one. The City of Charlotte has reviewed state and federal immigration laws and has determined that the City is fully in compliance with those laws. 

Laws dictate that CMPD can not prohibit officers from sharing information regarding a person's citizenship or immigration status with the federal government. (Under state (HB 318) and federal law (8 U.S.C. 1373))​

CMPD will continue to focus its efforts on crime prevention, public safety, and building a relationship of trust and cooperation with the community.