City Council Takes Action After Charlotte Demonstrations

Jordan-Ashley Walker

​​​Charlotte, NC (Oct. 10, 2016) — Charlotte City Council is working to move the city forward by advocating for policies and initiatives that will improve community policing, affordable housing and workforce development.

City Council's vote on Monday night represented the first steps to discuss and act upon Council's Oct. 3 letter to the community, which acknowledged the anger, frustration and need the community expressed during the recent demonstrations and the Sept. 26 council meeting. Council's letter to the community outlined specific areas on which City Council will focus its energy, including safety, trust and accountability; access to safe, quality and affordable housing; and good-paying jobs.

 City Council voted to approve the following measures related to those three areas of emphasis:

  • Support recommendations from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) that include:
    • Engaging the Police Foundation of Washington, D.C., to review CMPD policies and procedures, as well as its relationship with the community it serves;
    • Initiatives announced by Chief Kerr Putney on Oct. 5 related to body worn cameras, the Citizen's Review Board, and officer training; and
    • Review and implement recommendations from the President's Taskforce on 21st Century Policing.
  • Amend the City Council Strategic Policy Objectives to create 5,000 workforce and affordable housing units from five years to three years, and endorse hiring a consultant to develop a Strategic Housing Plan.
  • Authorize the City Manager to negotiate and execute contracts totaling up to $1 million with workforce development service providers.
  • Acknowledge staff's efforts to develop and implement new programs and program expansions in the following areas:
    • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Youth Diversion Program;
    • Expedited permitting and review process for affordable housing units;
    • Mayor's Youth Employment Program;
    • Engage in Community Forums; and
    • Review City policies, procedures and services to help promote economic opportunity throughout the community.
  • Adopt a budget ordinance appropriating $1 million from Community Development Block Grant funding ($250,000) and the Fiscal Year 2015 Capital Reserve Fund ($750,000) for the workforce development pilot program.


The City of Charlotte provides services to more than 800,000 residents.

The City's focus areas are Housing and Neighborhood Development, Community Safety, Transportation, Economic Development and the Environment.

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