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Thursday, February 16, 2017

City of Charlotte Releases Statement on Immigration Enforcement 

​Charlotte is proud to be one of the fastest growing cities in America, which is largely attributable to the many migrants who have recognized our unique appeal and chosen to make their home here. The City has welcomed and promoted this growth as it contributes much to the rich diversity of our population and the vibrancy of our local economy.

We continue to appreciate and welcome newcomers today, as evidenced, for instance, by the immigration provisions of the Civil Liberties Resolution passed by City Council in 2015. For its part, CMPD continues to focus its efforts on fighting crime, promoting public safety and building community trust and does not enforce immigration laws. Charlotte also has policies and programs aimed at easing the assimilation of residents from foreign countries into our society. We have done all of these things while still complying with all state and federal immigration laws, and we have not promoted the circumvention of those laws. Because of this compliance, the recent executive order by the Trump administration does not require that Charlotte change its policies and practices toward immigrants, and we do not foresee any changes under current laws.

City Council recognizes that recent reports by news outlets and social media concerning enforcement actions by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency have given rise to concerns in our community. Many of those reports are exaggerated or entirely inaccurate, and we encourage people to keep calm and refer to reliable information sources before deciding that they could be at risk. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency has repeatedly indicated that it is continuing its policy of focusing on people who have committed crimes in addition to immigration law violations. Although recent enforcement actions have gotten significant media attention because of the Trump executive order, according to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency, those actions are consistent with activity that has taken place for years under the Obama administration and do not represent a major new threat.


The people and government of Charlotte have a tradition of offering a friendly and welcoming environment to newcomers, and we look forward to continuing that tradition while also respecting the laws of our state and county.

​The City Council supports this statement. ​