Charlotte City Council approves plan to shape Eastland Mall site redevelopment

Jordan-Ashley Walker

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (March 27, 2017) – The Charlotte City Council voted Monday to approve a plan for  services to shape the redevelopment of the city-owned Eastland Mall property.

City Council voted to authorize City Manager Marcus D. Jones to negotiate and execute a contract with Jacobs Engineering Group Inc.

Phase One of the contract is designed to identify and understand challenges that currently prohibit redevelopment. This portion of the contract costs $145,000 and would occur throughout April and May. Findings of this portion of the contract will be shared in a future Economic Development committee meeting, as well as a City Council dinner briefing. City Council will then make a determination as to whether the scope of the contract will be expanded further.

The City purchased roughly 80 acres of the former Eastland Mall property in August 2012 as an opportunity to aid economic development and neighborhood stabilization in the area. Eastland Mall was demolished in 2013.

Some of the goals used to guide redevelopment of the site include:

  • Enhancing the perceptions of the Eastland area and East Charlotte;
  • Unifying local communities;
  • Creating connectivity and walkability for surrounding neighborhoods;
  • Taking advantage of natural features; and
  • Create opportunity for civic development and equitable economic development.

On Nov. 15, 2016, the City issued a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) to solicit teams to assist efforts in redeveloping and revitalizing the former Eastland Mall property. In response to the RFQ, the City received 15 proposals from interested service providers. City staff evaluated the proposals and determined that Jacobs Engineering Group Inc., best met the City's needs.

In other news:

The Charlotte City Council voted during Monday night's business meeting to approve amendments to the Blue Line Extension contract. The amendments are within the scope of the project and do not exceed the project budget.

The project remains under budget and continues to track ahead of the Federal Transit Administration project opening date of March 31, 2018.

Civil A Settlement Contract Amendment

This contract amendment for $12.75M settles claims through Feb. 1, 2017. The majority of the contractor's claims are related to inefficiencies experienced by the contractor from working around an active Norfolk Southern Railroad. This amendment will settle all such claims.

This contract amendment allows both the City of Charlotte and the joint venture to focus their efforts and attention on completion of the project.

Charlotte City Council approved this amendment unanimously.

Support Services Contract Amendments

Charlotte City Council also voted to approve a series of support services contract amendments up to $12M to extend those services through the completion of the project.

Charlotte City Council approved these amendments unanimously.

Awards and Recognitions:

Charlotte City Council members recognized March as Women's History Month.

Other proclamations during the council meeting included recognitions for:

  • March as National Multiple Myeloma Awareness Month;
  • April as Child Abuse Prevention Month;
  • April 4, 2017, as the Day of National Service; and
  • The week of March 14-19 as Universoul Circus Week in Charlotte.