Charlotte Mayor and City Council Kick Off Annual Retreat in Raleigh

Jordan-Ashley Walker

​CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Jan. 25, 2017) – The Charlotte Mayor and City Council kicked off their annual retreat in Raleigh today to focus on building and strengthening relationships, sharing key information and assessing and shaping the future of the City of Charlotte.

"This is a great opportunity to connect with each other and our colleagues in the state legislature as well as to get important information on the trends and influences that will affect Charlotte going forward," said City of Charlotte Mayor Jennifer Roberts. "I am excited to work with our partners to realize the many opportunities before our city in 2017." 

Two key goals of the retreat are:

·       Build and strengthen key relationships with a focus on celebrating accomplishments and identifying key opportunities to work together in the future.

·       Share information, assess current state and predicted changes, and identify opportunities to adjust plans to be future-ready.

Insight and information shared included a presentation from Dr. Michael Walden (North Carolina State University) on "Micro and Macro Economic Trends and Implications" that revealed some key points including the following:

·       Charlotte has been one of the fasted growing cities in the nation (jobs, GDP and growth rank) with growth likely to continue in 2017 and 2018

·       Charlotte region accounts for 35% of the state's net job growth since recession

·       Forecasted population growth for Mecklenburg County projected to increase more than 70 percent by 2050

·       Charlotte challenges include traffic and mobility, affordable housing, income inequality, shifting job and skills market and technological unemployment

John Martin from the Southeast Institute of Research shared insight on "Winning Cities of Tomorrow" and trends through a generational lens. A focus on the millennial generation revealed millennials will consume approximately half of the workforce by 2025.    

Martin also shared about "How can Charlotte be a winning city of tomorrow?" Some insight includes:

·       Positive buzz – there is a need to be intentional about harnessing city advocates to connect rational and emotional aspects about why they love the city; sharing and celebrating success

·       Shared story – be more intentional about organizations communicating a shared message; intentionally advance a more seamless brand architecture; communicate as a branded house

·       Livable places – wide variety of 15-min livable communities; 75 percent want to live in a place that does not require a car

·       Workforce flexibility – effectively manage shifting dynamics in the workforce

·       Open mind – Creativity and Innovation

·       Beyond boarders – embrace and practice regionalism

Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane and City Manager Ruffin Hall welcomed the team and shared similarities between the two cities as well as words of encouragement for the future.

The mayor and city council are dining with members from the Mecklenburg Delegation as well as the governor this evening.


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