Charlotte Area Transit System Receives Grant to Implement First Mile-Last Mile Project

Brandon Hunter


June 2, 2022


Charlotte Area Transit System Receives Grant to Implement First Mile-Last Mile Project

Charlotte, N.C. – The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) today announced that it has been awarded a $750,000 planning grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to fund the development of implementation strategies for a Microtransit program. Microtransit will connect residents through on-demand services and first-last mile mobility solutions. This is a key recommendation in the Envision My Ride planning effort that was adopted by the Metropolitan Transit Commission in May 2022 and has been incorporated into the City of Charlotte’s Strategic Mobility Plan.

This solution will replace neighborhood Circulator bus routes by creating an on-demand strategy that provides reduced travel times and improved connectivity to high frequency services and critical resources such as fresh food and employment opportunities. In addition to reducing travel time, the development of a Microtransit program will enhance the riders’ experience by providing key connections to major hubs where high frequency bus routes and other forms of mobility all come together.

This grant was provided through the FTA’s Route Planning Restoration Program and will help transit agencies with planning projects to increase ridership and reduce travel times in response to changes in travel patterns that occurred during the pandemic. The program also supports local efforts to increase the quality or frequency of transit service for low-income riders and those in disadvantaged communities who may need more options to get to jobs, school and health care.

This is another innovative solution that CATS is implementing to enhance the rider experience and deliver reliable transportation.


Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is a department of the City of Charlotte and governed by the Metropolitan Transit Commission. CATS is the largest transit system between Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, offering bus, light rail, streetcar, vanpool and Special Transportation Services.