CMPD Launches Adult Diversion Program

CMPD Launches Adult Diversion Program
New partnership with Lowe’s will help provide job training and employment opportunities

Charlotte, N.C. – (Thursday, June 9, 2022) – Today the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) is announcing the launch of an Adult Diversion Program, the only program of its kind in Mecklenburg County. The program is in partnership with Lowe’s.

Adult Diversion is a first-time offender program that allows young adults ages 18 to 24 to be diverted from the traditional criminal justice system for lower-level offenses. The purpose is to provide these young adults with opportunities for education and employment and to avoid re-offending and cycling through the criminal justice system.

“I’m proud of the accomplishments of the CMPD’s existing Youth Diversion Program,” says CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings. “Since 2013, nearly 4,000 participants have successfully completed the training. Ninety-two percent of our participants do not re-offend. They gain valuable life lessons and skills to become successful adults. I know the adult diversion program will give those same opportunities for young adults to better themselves.”

Participants will complete programs ranging from 3 months (for low-level offenses) up to a year (for higher-level offenses). There is a zero-tolerance policy for any new criminal offenses while part of the program. Participants will have regular meetings with the program specialist, and comply with recommended treatment, education, and employment. The program includes job readiness training, a financial literacy course, a victim awareness course, and more.

The divertible offenses allowed for participants are:
  • Larceny from auto
  • Unauthorized use of motor vehicle
  • Larceny by employee
  • Felony/Misdemeanor larceny
  • Misdemeanor Assault (non-DV)
  • Auto theft-no pursuit or accident with injury
  • Fraud
  • Possession of stolen property (misd. & felony)
  • Misdemeanor B/E
  • Intoxicated and Disruptive
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Damage to Property/Vandalism
  • Failure to Disperse (post-arrest)
  • Possession of Alcohol under 21
  • Possession of Marijuana/other drugs
  • ABC Misdemeanor
  • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Lowe’s is an executive sponsor of the Adult Diversion Program. The company donated $48,650 to cover program costs this year. Local Lowe’s leaders will lead job and career skills training, including classes on resume writing, interviewing, and job retention. Lowe’s also will provide employment opportunities.

“We are grateful to continue our partnership with CMPD as we provide the critical skills and career training that we believe will help young people across the Charlotte region discover a path to a better future,” said Hanh Pham, Lowe’s regional vice president, North Carolina. “This program aligns perfectly with our commitment at Lowe’s to make a positive impact in our own hometown as we continue to identify more opportunities to break down barriers to meaningful employment and economic mobility.”

Lowe’s has partnered with CMPD’s Youth Diversion program since 2018 to introduce Charlotte teens to careers in the skilled trades. More than 300 CMPD summer interns have received hands-on training in construction through the Generation T immersion workshops. This year’s immersion event will be held July 12 with Charlotte nonprofit The Roc.