CMPD COVID-19 Response

The CMPD is actively monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic to for possible impacts not only for community members, but also the men and women of the CMPD that serve the community. Important information will be updated below as it becomes available. We encourage everyone to also check state and local governments website for information as well.

Police officers are quite frequently the first people to potentially come in contact with someone who may be infected. Officer wellness and community safety is a priority for the department. All CMPD officers receive communicable disease training that begins in the academy, and additional training that takes place on an annual basis.

Reporting Non-Emergency Calls for Service
image still of Capt. Koch video

To further our efforts and minimize contact as well as potential exposure due to COVID-19, CMPD is encouraging the public to use online resources located at to file a report for NON-EMERGENCY needs/calls-for-service.

We have 6 types of reports that you can fill out online:
  • Communicating threats
  • Harassing phone calls
  • Damage to property
  • Stolen property
  • Theft from vehicle
  • Lost driver’s license or passport

Mass Gatherings and Excessive Pricing
The CMPD has been tasked with enforcing the Mecklenburg County Health Director’s order on mass gatherings prohibiting all indoor and outdoor public and private gatherings of 50 people or more through April 12. The city and county have also issued restrictions on excessive prices or what is commonly referred to as “price gouging.”

We are continuing to manage these issues through voluntary compliance with education, dialogue and cooperation from event organizers and businesses. To date, community members, businesses and event organizers have been cooperative in complying with the order. The CMPD expects continued voluntary cooperation but does have the authority to issue citations and or misdemeanor charges if all efforts for voluntary cooperation cannot be attained.

If you observe an organization or business violating these restrictions, visit to file a report or call 311 to report it. Other non-emergency crimes and calls-for-service can be submitted through

  • Mass gatherings are defined as 50 people or more in an indoor or outdoor singular space.
    • Outdoor singular spaces are those enclosed by fences, physical barriers or other structures.
    • For example, fairs and festivals or club events with 50 people or more within a building, and arenas conducting shows with 50 people or more.

  • Gyms, fitness centers, health clubs and theaters are prohibited from operating at this time and are considered mass gathering establishments.

  • Places of worship that exceed 50 people gathered together are in violation of the Governor’s executive order.

  • This order excludes airports, medical facilities, malls, office environments, child care centers and grocery stores.

  • A business that is charging unreasonably excessive prices for goods or services that are used during an emergency is unlawful.

  • This includes if the goods or services are used to preserve, protect or sustain life, health, safety or economic well-being of people or their property.

  • If a violation is observed, CMPD will take a report which initiates the investigation.

  • The Attorney General’s Office handles most cases involving excessive pricing.