CATS Launches a Seamless Savings Option with Fare Capping

Jayla Gittens

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September 21, 2022

CATS Launches a Seamless Savings Option with Fare Capping

Beginning Sept. 21, 2022, the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) will introduce fare capping on its CATS-Pass app. Fare capping is a flexible, cost-saving option that rewards customers with a monthly pass once they have paid $88, the equivalent of a monthly pass, in eligible fares through the CATS-Pass app.

When customers reach the $88 monthly threshold, a monthly pass will automatically be added to their CATS-Pass wallet. With the monthly pass, customers can ride local bus and rail for free for the remainder of that month.

How fare capping works:

  • All local bus and rail passes, including one-way, one-day and weekly passes, purchased through the CATS-Pass app will count towards the $88 monthly threshold. Only passes purchased through the CATS-Pass app will count towards a monthly pass.
  • Riders can connect their CATS-Pass accounts to their debit or credit cards and load funds into their mobile wallets to purchase passes.
  • To pay with cash, riders can visit the CATS customer service booth at the Charlotte Transit Center and provide the agent with cash that will be instantly added to their CATS-Pass accounts.
  • Customers will automatically receive a monthly pass in their CATS-Pass wallets once they have met the monthly threshold.
  • For the remainder of the month, riders can show their monthly passes to bus operators and rail fare inspectors to ride CATS local bus and rail for free. Express and Express Plus buses will still require normal fare, regardless of the fare capping status of the rider.
  • On the first day of the following month, riders' fare capping will reset.
  • Video to learn more about fare capping here:


Riders who do not have access to a smartphone may be eligible to receive a free smartphone and free phone service through the Federal Communications Commission's income-based Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). Through ACP, qualifying households can receive one free smartphone and free monthly service. To learn more about this program, riders can contact the Life Wireless at 1-888-543-3620 or email
For more information, visit or contact CATS Customer Service at 704-336-7433.