CATS to Suspend Rail Service for Maintenance

Jayla Gittens

Rider's Alert

All Routes

October 7, 2022


CATS to Suspend Rail Service for Maintenance


On Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16, CATS will suspend all rail service including the LYNX Blue Line and the CityLYNX Gold Line to conduct preventative rail maintenance. To keep rail trips seamless and reliable, CATS is temporarily shutting down light rail and streetcar operation to allow maintenance crews to perform necessary improvements to the rail system including track work and grade crossing repairs. Performing regular rail maintenance is vital to preserving CATS' rail system for years to come.

During the rail suspension, CATS will provide LYNX and CityLYNX Connector buses along the LYNX Blue Line and CityLYNX Gold Line. All CATS rail lines will resume at 5 a.m. on Monday, October 17. 


For more information, visit or contact CATS Customer Service at 704-336-7433.