BWC footage Release from June 2, 2020

Charlotte, N.C. – (Wednesday, August 26, 2020) - The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department proactively petitioned the court asking for the authorization to release all videos associated with the June 2, 2020, incident involving the department’s Civil Emergency Unit’s (CEU) dispersal of demonstrators. The CMPD requested the video release to ensure the community has an opportunity to review the way the department serves. After hours of reviewing the circumstances, interviewing officers, watching videos and listening to the audio of the incident, we have concluded that the actions that were taken by the CEU on June 2 did not violate any department policies.

Although the actions taken by CEU were within policy at the time, it is important to acknowledge that we engaged with our citizens and recognized the need to visit the department’s policies to ensure they aligned with community expectations. The CMPD has since made several updates to our CEU, De-escalation, and Body-Worn Camera policies. We, as a department, will continue to identify opportunities to meet the expectations of our community while making the organization better.

To review all associated video of the June 2, 2020, CEU incident, follow this link to our dropbox folder.