2016 Activist Groups Demands for CMPD


​Various Activist Groups’ provided the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department (CMPD) with a list of demands to enhance police-community relations. While there were several items directed to other entities and not within the purview of the CMPD, all requests and recommendations have a common goal of improving police-community relations. The CMPD is committed to continually building trust and legitimacy within the community and welcome input from individuals, groups and organizations that will further enhance our ability to serve the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community.

We have focused our improvements on the following pillars:

  • Pillar I: Building Trust and LegitimacyPromoting trust and ensuring legitimacy through procedural justice, transparency, accountability, and honest recognition of past and present obstacles

  • Pillar II: Policy and OversightDeveloping comprehensive and responsive policies on key topics while also implementing formal checks/balances and data collection/analysis​

  • Pillar IV: Community Policing & Crime ReductionEncouraging the implementation of policies that support community-based partnerships in the reduction of crime

  • Pillar V: Training & EducationEmphasizing the importance of high quality and effective training and education through partnerships with local and national training facilities

  • Pillar VI: Officer Wellness & SafetyEndorsing practices that support officer wellness and safety through the reevaluation of officer shift hours and data collection/analysis to help prevent officer injuries

Our efforts are highlighted in the Activist Groups' Demands report​.