Making places
Gregg Watkins
Making places

Pocket parks, murals and wrapping those boring, metal traffic-signal boxes with colorful art are all examples of how the city is partnering with neighborhoods to transform public spaces.

“Placemaking” is a concept that encourages people to reimagine and reinvent public spaces as the heart of every neighborhood. In collaboration with the community, the city is turning leftover land or public space into areas that celebrate who we are and bring identity to our neighborhoods.

“Placemaking is pushing the boundaries of how people typically see government,” says Monica Holmes of the Urban Design Center. “People want to see government evolving and changing and being creative.”

The Urban Design Center in the City of Charlotte’s Planning, Design, and Development department is leading the effort with their own projects while creating opportunities for neighborhoods to use placemaking to promote community collaboration.

For more information about creating a placemaking project in your neighborhood watch this video City of Charlotte explains value of placemaking and visit the city’s placemaking project website.