It’s back to school for MYEP students
Gregg Watkins
It’s back to school for MYEP students

While some students spent the summer at the pool or on vacation, some students participated in a summer job gaining valuable experience and job skills through the Mayor’s Youth Employment Program (MYEP). On Aug. 21, we celebrated these students and their accomplishments at a special reception before they head back to school.

About the program

The MYEP provides paid jobs for youth to develop soft skills, access career mentors and explore a variety of career options through hands-on experiences. Through this program youth are better equipped to transition from school into the labor market and make better informed decisions pertaining to their post-secondary education.

Before students even apply for the MYEP program, they are required to participate in the City of Charlotte’s Job & Career Readiness Training, which 1,069 students completed. After completing the application process and interview, students are paired with a host employer for a paid summer job.

This summer 356 students started and completed a summer job, working a total of more than 50,000 hours and earning over $500,000 in wages. Of those in the program, 71 students were placed at numerous departments at the City of Charlotte.

Valuable experience

The experience is customized to the student and aims to get students into an industry that interests them. Each job is different and the projects vary. The students participate in work-related projects ranging from basic customer service to highly specialized and technical. Here’s a few examples of what students worked on:

“My time at CharMeck311 involves me taking on the specific skills of computer networking and exceptional customer service. CharMeck311 is a great atmosphere to be in and I have learned a lot for the time I have been here.”  - Zoie L., City of Charlotte-CharMeck311

“Here at the coliseum, I've done a mixture of shadowing different people on events and hands-on work. I've sorted blueprints, ridden the Zamboni, helped with the general maintenance of the Coliseum and HVAC . I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned through my experiences so far.” Patrick C., Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority (CRVA) - Bojangles Coliseum

“During my time at Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region, I have gained and developed several new skills. Some of those would be professional communication skills via email and face-to-face, proficiency in using Excel programming and an understanding of how to work in a professional office setting. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here.”  - Elissa L., Hospice & Palliative Care Charlotte Region

Building the Workforce Pipeline

The City of Charlotte is committed to creating opportunities that support upward economic mobility. For MYEP, the program starts with a very important group, our local youth, providing them with a good-paying job and experience. It also supports companies in the Charlotte area with developing a local talent pipeline. It’s one of the many ways the city is creating career pathways for our youth.