You can help our waterways during COVID
Leo Caplanides
Reedy creek

This is an unprecedented time across our community. Many residents are now working or learning from home. If you need a break or a bit of fresh air, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services offers a few ideas on how you can do your part for the environment while practicing social distancing. The best part, you don't even have to leave your home!

Help Us Maintain Storm Drains

Trash, leaves and other debris can enter our creeks through storm drains causing harm to aquatic life. A buildup of these materials can also clog drains leading to localized flooding during periods of heavy rain. While at home, if you see a blocked storm drain near your property, please report it. You can do this by downloading the CLT+ app on your smartphone, visiting the 3-1-1 webpage or by calling 3-1-1 weekdays between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

Scoop the Poop

There are more than 54,000 registered dogs in Mecklenburg County that produce nearly 15 million pounds of waste a year. Remember, storm drains connect to creeks and any waste left on the ground can be a source of bacteria for our waterways. As you are spending more time with your dog, please remember to scoop the poop in a bag and throw it away.

Go Green While Maintaining Your Yard

Springtime is green lawn time. If you already have fertilizer at home, please remember that using too much can have drastic effects on our creeks. Read our best practices for lawncare so you can take care of your yard and our planet, too.

Take Pride in Your Ride: Clean it the Eco-Friendly Way

Too much pollen on your car? Wash it in the yard! Soap and chemical runoff that goes into your driveway ends up polluting our creeks. Use eco-friendly cleaners and wash it on grass or soft surfaces that can absorb it.

Join a ‘Water Wednesday’ session on Facebook and learn how you can protect our waterways

You are never too young or old to learn about the importance of protecting our waterways. And now you and your child can do so from the comfort of your couch! All you need is a Facebook account. Every Wednesday through May 13, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services will be hosting Facebook Live events called “Water Wednesdays” to share fun and educational information. Each week a new topic will be discussed which will include storytime sessions and/or demonstrations that show ways to keep our creeks and lakes clean. Join us each week at 10 a.m. to learn something new. View the complete schedule below. Note: Facebook Live videos remain on the page after the event, so if you miss one or would like to watch again, you are able to do so.

April 1  - Storytime “All the Way to the Ocean” by Joel Harper

April 8  - Floodplain Model Lesson

April 15  - Pollution Prevention on the Enviroscape Watershed Model

April 22  - Storytime “Coco & Dean Explorers of the World” by Emily Scofield

April 29  - Erosion Control Model & Macroinvertebrate Lesson

May 6  - Storytime “Coco & Dean Explorers of the World” by Emily Scofield

May 13  - Trivia Time

For other great ideas on protecting our waterways or for the latest information from Storm Water Services, follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.