City Beams Free Wi-Fi from Water Tower to West Charlotte Neighborhood
Beverlee Sanders
CoO Beatties Ford Road

How It Works

Beverlee Sanders

The City of Charlotte is now providing free, high-speed Wi-Fi to multiple areas within the Corridors of Opportunity. If you're not familiar, the city is investing nearly $40 million into six key corridors in the crescent area of the city. These are areas where the city is committed to create safe, prosperous communities for residents to build legacies for future generations.  In this case, we're talking about free pockets of high-speed Wi-Fi in various areas of the city. Here's how it works. A newly installed antenna on the roof of AvidXchange headquarters is beaming free Wi-Fi to both the Camp North End water tower, and the water tower off Beatties Ford Road. This means free, high-speed internet can be accessed at the Ritz at Washington Heights located at the intersection of Tate Street and Beatties Ford Road, and allows for future expansion in other areas in that corridor.  If you want more information on Corridors of Opportunity, check out our website,