Celebrate Water Quality Month by Protecting our Waterways
Leo Caplanides and Sharnelle Currence
Water Quality Month

We know that enjoying our waterways can be a great way to beat the summer heat, but did you know that August is National Water Quality Month? Now is a great time to highlight the importance of having clean waterways while so many people are spending time along the more than 3,000 miles of creeks and many acres of lakes, ponds and wetlands throughout our area.

The national campaign, which was founded by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2005, aims to spread awareness and encourage dialogue about how to protect our waterways. Locally, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services reminds everyone that stormwater runoff goes directly into our creeks and lakes without being treated at a facility. Stormwater can carry pollutants to waterways, posing a threat to aquatic life. We don't often think about the quality of our surface waters or how we could potentially be contributing to pollution but there is a lot that you can do to help!

Report Pollution - When you smell or see something unusual in storm drains, creeks or lakes, report it! You can do this by downloading the CLT+ app on your smartphone, visiting the 311 web page or by calling 3-1-1 weekdays between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

Scoop the Poop - Storm drains lead directly to creeks and any waste left on the ground can be a source of bacteria in our waterways. If you have a dog, please remember to scoop the poop in a bag and throw it away.

Maintain Storm Drains - Trash, leaves and other debris can enter our creeks through storm drains, causing harm to aquatic life. A buildup of these materials can also clog storm drains leading to localized flooding during periods of heavy rain. While at home, if you see a blocked storm drain near your property, please clear it if you can or report it. You can do this by downloading the CLT+ app on your smartphone, visiting the 311 webpage or by calling 311 weekdays between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. 

Go Green While Maintaining Your Yard – Fertilizers, pesticides, and improperly discarded yard waste can negatively impact our waterways. Read our best practices for yard care so you can take care of your yard and our planet, too.

Take Pride in Your Ride: Clean it the Eco-Friendly Way – Is your car looking a little dirty? Take it to a commercial car wash so that chemicals don't end up in our creeks.

Volunteer - Help us keep our waterways clean. Volunteer with us every second Saturday or last Thursday of the month.

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