Corridors of Opportunity and Keep Charlotte Beautiful Cohost Corridor Cleanup
Cassandra Swartz
Tuckaseegee Cleanup

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We're here today. And the Enderly Park neighborhood conducting a cleanup as part of our quarterly Corridor's Cleanup series. So partnering with the Corridors of Opportunity team as Keep Charlotte beautiful to clean up litter along our priority streets here in Charlotte.

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My little twin. Yes. I'm really impressed by the turnout today. You know we always wish that it could have been more, but there's always just enough, you know. So we got two crews, one on one side of the road and one on the other. So that is a good turnout. You have members of the church that was recently torn down here.

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They came out and a couple of other. I've seen them in the Betty Rae Center that’s up the block. It’s a community sent up the block. And we all visit there regularly, really regularly. That’s where she learned how to walk. Ha, Ha, Ha, you know, right on! To see the fact the neighborhood and family members, whole families out here right now that's really great to see.

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Well, for one, I mean, of course, cleaning up the community is great. You know, we want to make sure that our streets are well maintained. And then secondly, it's just great to connect with all the different stakeholders who live in the area, to meet people, to come together to talk about all the initiatives that are going on. It's just important to to gather community and do important work like this.