City of Charlotte Night Shift
Gregg Watkins
The city never sleeps

The sun sets each night in Charlotte, but the Queen City never sleeps.

Charlotte Area Transit System, Charlotte Department of Transportation and Solid Waster Services are just a few of the city departments that hit the streets each night to make the city cleaner and safer.

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS)

CATS crews are busy 24/7 maintaining nearly 40 miles of rail track and checking crossing gates along the LYNX Blue Line.  Dozens of third shift employees work overnight to perform safety checks and preventive maintenance. Their hard work allows CATS to operate safely and on schedule 97 percent of the time.  Watch this video Night shift Charlotte Area Transit System to see how CATS keeps our region on the move.

Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT)

You can find CDOT crews filling potholes any time of the day. Their work never ends. CDOT repaired about 1,500 potholes in 2018 and expects to repair even more in 2019. With more than 2,500 miles of road to maintain, nine CDOT crew members are on call every night. Their goal is to investigate and repair any pothole that creates a safety hazard within 24 hours.  Learn more about how CDOT works all night to get our streets ready for the next day in this video Night shift Charlotte Department of Transportation.

Solid Waste Services (SWS)

Get an inside look at Solid Waste Services working to clean up after big events such as Panthers games, parades and festivals—more than 50 each year. Each event can produce as much as 20,000 pounds of trash. Watch this video Night shift Solid Waste Services to see how SWS crews keep our city clean.