City Council Approves Creation of SouthPark Municipal Service District
Ken Brown
SouthPark MSD

Jason Puckett  00:02
Hello, and welcome to your city council recap. I'm Jason Puckett. In these videos we're gonna highlight some of the recent votes by the City Council and take a deeper dive into what they mean. And that's why I'm in SouthPark. Thanks to this vote Monday night by the City Council, SouthPark will now be Charlotte's newest municipal service district, or MSD, later this year.

Mayor Vi Lyles  00:24
Alright. Thank you very much. Congratulations to the newest baby district I guess. Our youngest district I should say, probably.

Jason Puckett  00:34
So what does this all mean? Well, let's start with the basics like what is an MSD? Well, the City of Charlotte already provides all areas of the city, including SouthPark, services like public safety, transportation, land use, planning, water, sewer and more. But as SouthPark has grown from a suburban shopping center to a more urban mixed-use space, more services are needed to match the growth and development needs.  Municipal Service Districts, or MSD's, are the answer. In an MSD, businesses and property owners agree to pay slightly more in taxes to receive additional services like dedicated staff, economic development planning, advocacy and marketing teams, and an enhanced focus on the appearance and beautification of the area.  A great example of how this will work is the SouthPark Loop. These renders show what will be a three-mile urban trail in the area, connecting businesses with pedestrian focused outdoor spaces. Now as an MSD, SouthPark will have dedicated staff and funding for more projects like The Loop. Speaking of funding, let's talk some quick stats. The MSD will add a tax of four cents per $100 of assessed property value. More than 97% of the funds will come from businesses and commercial properties. And they're expecting to generate close to $1.4 million for use here in SouthPark. With the council's 'yes' vote on Monday, SouthPark will be the city's new MSD starting July 1 of this year. We have five others already — three Uptown, one in South End, and one in University City. Now if you want more information on MSD's or The Loop project, check out and thanks for joining us Inside The Crown.