City announces new Source of Income Ad Hoc Advisory Committee
Ken Brown
Source of Income

The Source of Income Ad Hoc Advisory Committee has been appointed and is comprised of the following seven individuals appointed based on their skills and ability to help implement the Committee charge as explained below:

  • Beverly Baucom, S.L. Nusbaum

  • Mark Ethridge, Ascent Real Estate Capital (Co-Chair)

  • Kim Graham, Greater Charlotte Apartment Association (Co-Chair)

  • Clay Grubb, Grubb Properties

  • Rev. Dr. Stephanie Moore Hand, United Methodist Church

  • Philip Tegeler, Poverty and Race Research Action Council, and

  • Fred Warren, Fred Warren Realty

The Source of Income Ad Hoc Advisory Committee is charged with developing recommendations, program enhancements and process improvements that will increase the acceptance of all forms of rental subsidies including the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program, the largest source of rental subsidies in our community.

The goal of this work is to increase safe and affordable housing opportunities for low-to-moderate income households, leading to increased opportunities for upward mobility. Successful outcomes of this work will include the participation of community members and collaboration with and from INLIVIAN who is the largest voucher provider in our community, is experienced as an affordable housing developer, and brings the voice, experiences and realities faced by voucher holders; rental subsidy providers; and small, large and medium sized property owners and management companies.

The Ad Hoc Committee will be supported by City staff from Housing & Neighborhood Services, Community Relations and the City Attorney’s Offices and INLIVIAN.

The first meeting of the Source of Income Ad Hoc Committee will be held in May. It is anticipated that the Committee will meet monthly to administer their charge and report back to Council no later than December 2021 at which time an evaluation will be made to determine next steps. City Council will receive periodic updates on this work which can be shared with the public.