New Policy Protects People With Vouchers Seeking City-supported Housing
Britt Clampitt
CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Aug. 22, 2022) – UPDATE: The Charlotte City Council on Monday approved amendments to a policy that protects people seeking to use vouchers and other lawful sources of income to rent units in housing developments financially supported by the city. 

The amendments clarify that the recently adopted policy applies to the housing owners and/or providers responsible for rental eligibility decisions, and name actions the city can take to respond to violations by a provider. The amendments go into effect immediately and include:  

  • First violation: Compliance training and a fine up to $23,011 if the violation is not cured in 30 days.  
  • Second violation: Fine up to $57,527 if the violation is not cured in 30 days.  
  • Third violation: Fine up to $115,054 if the violation is not cured in 30 days, and potential preclusion from future city programs or awards.  
The maximum fines mirror those set annually by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. If the housing provider does not cure a violation within 30 days, they must pay the applicant who was denied housing $100 each day until the violation is cured, for up to 180 days. 

The policy was adopted on July 11; the council also directed city staff to reassess enforcement provisions and review options with the Great Neighborhoods and Economic Development committees. The Great Neighborhood Committee on Aug. 15 recommended the new amendments to the full City Council.

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