Mayor Vi Lyles Proclaims June 17 Sanitation Engineer Appreciation Day
Gregg Watkins
Sanitation Engineer Appreciation

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (June 17, 2021) –Mayor Vi Lyles signed a proclamation declaring June 17 as Sanitation Engineer Appreciation Day. 

"I appreciate the hard work and dedication of our Solid Waste Services staff," said Mayor Lyles. "They rose to the occasion to provide an essential service protecting human health and the environment during very challenging circumstances."

To mark the day, the Wells Fargo Duke Energy Center will be illuminated blue, green and yellow and Solid Waste will debut a new digital game, Trash Dash CLT, that highlights challenges faced by Solid Waste employees.

Designed by POTIONS & PIXELS, Trash Dash CLT underscores the complexities of solid waste operations. Players are provided the chance to be a driver for the day and to figure out how to navigate issues varying from equipment failure, staffing shortages and collection impediments—challenges that impact service quality, budget and customer satisfaction.

Solid Waste Services collection staff are responsible for collecting from 224,000 single-family homes weekly in the City of Charlotte. The work is demanding and waste collection is ranked the fifth most dangerous job by AdvisorSmith, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.

"The employees of Solid Waste Services have worked throughout the pandemic, serving with pride and determination to maintain a small sense of normalcy for the residents of Charlotte," said Rodney Jamison, director of Solid Waste Services. "Our staff have faced insurmountable challenges including longer hours, increased amounts of garbage and staffing shortages and have continued to deliver quality service on schedule."

Trash Dash CLT is available in both the Apple App and Google Play stores. To download Trash Dash CLT, visit

To learn more about Solid Waste Services, visit


Solid Waste Services provides an essential service


by keeping our community clean


and protecting human health


they perform their jobs daily, in all weather conditions.


and during most holidays to keep Charlotte beautiful.


The Solid Waste team of more 300 dedicated men and women provides services to more than


72,000 residential units each day


and collects more than 380,000 tons of refuse and recycling


and nearly 50,000 tons of yard waste annually


The city values the hard work and dedication


of its sanitation engineers


Happy Sanitation Engineer Appreciation Day!


City of Charlotte

The proclamation reads

WHEREAS, the nation celebrates June 17th as Global Garbageman Day; and

WHEREAS, no collection of people, be it state, city, township or country could efficiently run without these people; and

WHEREAS, the men and women employed by the city's Solid Waste Services Department perform their jobs daily with excellence, in all-weather conditions and on most holidays to keep our local community and the world at large safe and healthy; and

WHEREAS, waste and recycling workers contribute to a tidy and clean community; and

WHEREAS, the Solid Waste Services Department provides service to more than 72,000 residential units each day and collects more than 433,000 tons of refuse, recyclables and yard waste annually; and

WHEREAS, the City of Charlotte values and celebrates its sanitation engineers who serve residents and local businesses:

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Vi Alexander Lyles, Mayor of Charlotte, do hereby proclaim

June 17, 2021 as


to be observed in the city of Charlotte in recognition of the importance of our Solid Waste collection workers and in accordance with the aforementioned national day of recognition.