You’re probably driving over our best work
Leo Caplanides
Neighborhoods getting infrastructure upgrades

Most people would expect to see a crane at a construction site of a tall building helping to move large materials or assisting with the raising or lowering of a giant sign. They may not associate this equipment with a storm drainage infrastructure project in a residential neighborhood.

However, on a sunny day in late May, this is exactly what you would have seen on Margaret Turner Road in northwest Charlotte. The crane, which towered over homes and some trees, was brought in to help place a box culvert 13 feet wide by 4 feet tall by more than 550 feet long.  It was an impressive site to say the least.

This may seem like a unique project, but it is just one example of howCharlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services is working every day to improve drainage infrastructure and reduce flood risks throughout the area.

Across Charlotte, there are thousands of miles of stormwater pipes and culverts that make up the storm drainage system. This system helps move rainwater away from roads to local streams so that the traveling public remains safe. Storm Water Services is currently working on more than 400 storm drainage improvement projects that involve repairing and replacing aging infrastructure across our community.

There are a number of ways you can learn about these storm drainage improvement projects and find out which ones are in your area.