Growth and Change Keep Moving CLT Forward
Lacey Hampton
Airport rocking chairs

​November is National Aviation History Month and is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating aviation contributions and achievements.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport (CLT) has achieved a lot over the years and has big plans taking off.

Charlotte Douglas International AirportCLT is one of the fastest growing airports in the country, ranking the sixth busiest airport nationwide and serving more than 46 million passengers each year. Charlotte Douglas is served by eight major carriers, 15 regional carriers and three foreign flag carriers with nonstop service to 178 destinations, including 37 international locations and three U.S. territories. An enterprise fund, the Airport is self-sustaining and does not collect tax dollars. Airport revenue funds all capital and operating costs.

As an economic engine of the Carolinas, CLT contributes $23 billion in annual economic output, $1.1 billion in state/local taxes, 132,330 jobs for North Carolina residents and $5.7 billion in personal income, according to the N.C. Department of Transportation Division of Aviation.

For more than 80 years, CLT has been owned and operated by the City of Charlotte. Originally opened in 1935 as Charlotte Municipal Airport, it later became Douglas Municipal Airport. During World War II, the Army Air Force took control of the Airport and established Morris Field Airbase. In 1941, Morris Field was dedicated as Douglas Municipal Airport. The name Douglas comes from Ben Douglas, a former mayor of Charlotte. In 1982, the name changed to Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Since 2015, the Airport's focus has been Destination CLT, a $2.5-$3.1 billion capital investment in capacity enhancement projects to expand CLT's roadway and terminal curb front, airfield and terminal to enhance the passenger experience.

In October, CLT completed and opened most of the elevated roadway and terminal curb front, which is being finished in phases. Other recent Destination CLT projects include Concourse B renovations and the opening of the East Terminal Expansion – The Plaza. Future Destination CLT projects are the Terminal Lobby Expansion, the completion of renovations to concourses A and C and a fourth parallel runway.

"A lot of work happening inside the building. We've tried to minimize the customer impact as much as we can. Updating the facility and really enhancing that customer experience, are significant projects that we need to complete," Christine said.

There's a lot going on and more happening soon at CLT. To keep up with the Airport's projects and happenings, visit Charlotte Douglas International Airport website.