Getting Around in Uptown
Scierra Bratton
Getting Around In Uptown

​Uptown travel safety as the Carolina Panthers take on the Baltimore Ravens

The City of Charlotte anticipates an increase of visitors in Uptown for the Aug. 21 Carolina Panthers pre-season game against the Baltimore Ravens at Bank of America Stadium.

Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) and Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) officials encourage visitors to consider traffic impacts and plan their trips ahead of time. Residents and visitors traveling in the area are also encouraged to utilize alternative transportation options including walking, biking, ride-sharing and public transit.

Transit officials will monitor crowds and adjust service levels as needed. In compliance with the current Transportation Security Administration mandate, all riders must continue to wear face masks while on board transit services.

Ways to Stay Informed

Safety Tips

  • Pedestrians should:
    • Wear bright clothing at night.
    • Walk facing traffic.
    • Remove headphones and remain alert.
    • Cross safely when exiting the bus.
    • Watch for turning vehicles.
    • Take caution in parking lots and around train and light rail tracks.
  • Cyclists should:
    • Wear bright clothing at night.
    • Wear a helmet.
    • Ride with traffic.
    • Obey all traffic signals and signs.
    • Use hand signals.
    • Look before entering traffic and changing lanes.
  • Motorists should:
    • Make sure your lights are on at night.
    • Yield to pedestrians.
    • Look for pedestrians and cyclists when turning.
    • Obey all traffic signals and signs.
    • Use your turning signal.
    • Travel cautiously.