Get in the know about city projects
La Vondra Farquharson
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A new tracking tool will keep Charlotte residents informed about city projects in their neighborhood and throughout the Queen City.

Charlotte is one of the fastest growing cities in the country, creating the need for numerous, major infrastructure projects such as stormwater and road projects to keep up with the rapid pace of growth.

In the past, residents had to search through multiple city department websites to find information about capital projects. Now, the city has launched a new resource, Capital Project Dashboard, to help residents stay in the know about what is happening in their neighborhoods and around the city.

The new dashboard is a centralized location for all city departments to house their capital project information. Now, residents can access a wealth of project information with just a few mouse clicks in this user friendly, interactive data and map tool.

Projects that are a part of the dashboard are in varying stages of planning, design or construction.  Project data is updated quarterly.

The dashboard is part of the city’s ongoing efforts to keep residents informed and educated about citywide initiatives.