Emergency Shelters Activated on Sunday, Jan. 16 in Response to Winter Storm Izzy
Hannah Sanborn Brown
Emergency Shelters

Emergency Shelters Demobilizing on Monday, Jan. 17

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Emergency Management Office and the American Red Cross are demobilizing the emergency shelters activated on Sunday, Jan. 16. Shelter staff at Crews Recreation Center and Hopewell High School demobilized at 7 a.m. on Monday as there were no residents at those shelter locations. Shelter crews at Mallard Creek High School and Central Piedmont will demobilize at noon on Monday.

Mecklenburg County Public Health nurses will be on-site at the shelter locations and will conduct screening upon entering the shelter. Precautions are in place to quarantine anyone with COVID-19 who arrives at a shelter. All shelter residents will be required to wear masks.

Shelter operations at each open facility will be evaluated throughout the evening on Sunday and first thing on Monday, Jan. 17 and a determination will be made, based on occupancy and need when shelter operations will cease. Information regarding any closures will be announced.