City launches Virtual Open House and 2040 Comprehensive Plan Ambassador Toolkit
Scierra Bratton
Charlotte Future toolkit

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (Feb. 16, 2021) – The City of Charlotte is launching two innovative avenues to engage the community and create a clearer understanding of the Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan.

The Virtual Open House launches at 5:30 p.m. and will be available 24/7 for residents to experience content from the plan document at their convenience. Available in multiple languages and inclusive of various accessibility needs, residents can visit interactive stations to view videos and informational posters with the ability to add comments, save and print handouts, download supplemental links and complete a survey.

Residents can visit the Virtual Open House as many times as they would like and can explore the eight stations in any order they choose.

The new Ambassador Toolkit is also available to help educate and involve as many residents in the process as possible. This toolkit includes a variety of materials, allowing everyone the opportunity to use their voice and help elevate the information in the plan.

The Charlotte Future 2040 Comprehensive Plan will be presented to City Council for recommendation and adoption in April 2021.