CLT Water makes hand sanitizer for workers
Erin McNeely
CLT Water makes hand sanitizer

When CLT Water ran into difficulty locating enough hand sanitizer for its front-line workers, it literally took matters into its own hands. 

In a department-wide response, the water utility is now developing its own in-house hand sanitizer, helping to keep its employees and the community they serve healthy, while freeing up more of the commercial supply for use by the general public.

CLT Water lab staff, using guidance from the World Health Organization, developed the hand sanitizer made up of isopropyl alcohol, glycerol, and hydrogen peroxide. Logistics for the process included ordering chemicals, procuring mixing containers, ordering bottles to contain the liquid, creating labels, and distribution to the crew.

CLT Water is ramping up its production to help front-line workers in other city departments as well, including:

  • Solid Waste Services

  • Charlotte Fire Department

  • Emergency Operations Center

The utility plans to make nearly 200 gallons of the sanitizer by the end of May.