CATS launches enhanced bus service
Juliann Sheldon
CATS enhanced service

Beginning Monday, February 3, CATS will introduce MetroRAPID, a new enhanced bus service in North Mecklenburg County.

MetroRAPID will provide commuters in Cornelius, Davidson and Huntersville with a quicker commute into Charlotte utilizing the I-77 Express Lanes. The new service will consist of four routes, each serving different park and ride locations. Three existing express bus routes will transition to MetroRAPID routes with adjustments to routing and schedules.

MetroRAPID bus routes include:

MetroRAPID 48X: Northcross Express

  • Serving the Northcross Park and Ride

MetroRAPID 53X: Northlake Express

  • Serving the Northlake Park and Ride via Lakeview Direct Connect;

  • Ridge Road Park and Ride

MetroRapid 63X: Huntersville Express (new)

  • Serving the Huntersville-Gateway Park and Ride via Hambright Direct Connect and Statesville Road

MetroRAPID 77X: North Mecklenburg Express

  • Serving the Cornelius Park and Ride (replaces service on the 48X)

  • Davidson-Gateway Park and Ride

The price to ride a MetroRAPID route is $3 one way, the same as CATS express fare. Riders will pay no additional cost to utilize the I-77 lanes, which can save up to $10 a day and more than $3,000 a year.

In conjunction with the launch of MetroRAPID, CATS will also implement a new shuttle service, Route 290 Davidson Shuttle. The shuttle will provide connections between Metro RAPID 77X and the Town of Davidson. The price to ride the shuttle will be $0.90 one-way.