Bus/bike lane debuts on 4th Street
Gregg Watkins
Bus and bike line

Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) and Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) have partnered for an exciting pilot program that will reshape your commute into uptown! On Dec. 16, the city introduced a dedicated bus/bike lane along East Fourth Street that will run between South McDowell Street and the Charlotte Transportation Center. The lane will give restricted access to CATS, school buses, scooter and bicycle use only.

How does it work?

Controlled bus/bike lanes are a popular trend around the country as cities look for ways to provide more transportation options, improve safety, and encourage residents to make sustainable transportation choices.

“This is a great opportunity to not only encourage the public to use transit more, but identify opportunities to implement bus/bike lanes in other corridors throughout Charlotte,” said Bruce Jones, Transportation Planner for CATS.

Parking will not be permitted on the farthest right lane of Fourth Street while the pilot is in effect. General vehicular traffic will be maintained in neighboring lanes and must yield the right of way to vehicles traveling in the bus/bike lane when changing lanes to make a right turn.

In addition to the bus/bike lane, CATS and CDOT will also feature a series of “floating bus stop” platforms along Fourth Street. These platforms are designed to allow buses to make in-lane stops without disrupting the flow of the bicycle lane. They will be located on Church Street and Tryon Street.

We need your feedback

Residents, local business members, bus riders, cyclists, motorists and pedestrians who regularly travel this route are encouraged to provide feedback on their experiences in a survey that will be available on CAT's website Jan. 6.

For more information on this pilot, visit the City of Charlotte website.