City of Charlotte and UNC Charlotte School of Architecture Present the 2022 Charlotte Urban Design Awards
Lawrence Corley
2022 Urbies Winners

Deb Ryan  00:04
Urban Design is the most immersive and largest art form there is. And it ranges in scale from the design of a bus shelter to the grid of a city's streets. It includes things like urban open space, creating public parks for people. And also the design of the steps along the park that lead into the homes that surround it.

Monica Holmes  00:28
The 'Urbies' are a celebration of great urban design within the city. It's a way for us to lift up neighborhood advocates, developers, architects, planners, all investing in our future.

Mary Newsom  00:41
What I call the Urbies  began in the mid 1990s. I was working as a columnist for the editorial page of the Charlotte Observer. And I was also looking around the city learning about urban design, and about cities and urbanism.

Monica Holmes  00:54
They are the people building great spaces and places that we want to take our families to. We want to spend time. We want to enjoy a music concert. We want to go to a farmers market. We want to live, work and play. The Urbies are all about really building a culture of wonderful urban design for the city. And we can't wait to celebrate it.

Narrator  01:13
The 2022 award winners:

Narrator  01:18
Great Development Near Transit: Atherton.

Narrator  01:23
Great Walkable Neighborhood: Wesley heights.

Narrator  01:28
Great New Life for an Old Place: The Brooklyn Collective.

Narrator  01:32
Great Public Space: Romare Bearden Park.

Narrator  01:36
Great Placemaking: Nebel's Alley Night Market.

Narrator  01:41
Great Street: North Davidson Street.

Narrator  01:45
Great Urban Architecture: Elizabeth on Seventh

Narrator  01:50
Great Suburban Design: Piedmont Town Center.

Narrator  01:54
Great Urban Design Champion: David Furman.

Narrator  01:59
Great Neighborhood Champion: Neighboring Concepts.

Narrator  02:03
Great Student Project: Charlotte urbanists.

Narrator  02:09
People's Choice Award: Five Points Plaza.

Mayor Vi Lyles  02:11
Hello, I'm Mayor Vi Lyles. The annual Urban Design Awards, or Urbies, celebrate excellent urban design, and the special places that make Charlotte the Queen City. The best urban design expresses community values and fosters a deep sense of place. Good urban design is found in those places we want to return to again and again. Sometimes those places surprise and delight us. And they can also be places where we feel comfortable and want to stay to be a part of Charlotte life. In just our second year of the awards, we learned that Charlotteans care about urban design, with the large number of nominations you submitted. We are excited about the new people's choice award category, where you told us which were your most loved places or projects in Charlotte.

Deb Ryan  03:12
What I'm excited about is that the conversations we had as the jury are going to find their way into the public realm so that more people can understand what the qualities are we value in terms of creating a great livable city.

Narrator  03:26
The Charlotte Urban Design Awards is sponsored by the City of Charlotte, Charlotte Urban Design Center and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte School of Architecture.